$1,000 Referral Program

At Jordahl Custom Homes, we are deeply grateful for your decision to trust us with your home. We value your experience and the trust you place in us, and we would be honored if you could share this with your friends and family. 

As a token of our appreciation, our customer referral program rewards you with $1,000 for every referral!

1-5 referrals = $1,000 each. 6 and OVER referrals = $2,000 for each referral.


– You need to have closed on your Jordahl Custom Home

–  This form needs to be submittted to a Jordahl Sales Rep before any contract is written

– One referral reward customer per contract

– The contract must be closed in the name of the person referred to receive a payout.

Start with YOUR name in the top box to fill out.

You'll enter the name of the person you're referring at the bottom of this form under "referral name."

Your Name (Person that Built or are Building with Jordahl)(Required)
Your Address(Required)
Name of Person being Referred to Jordahl for Future Build(Required)
Phone Number or Email